8 Easy Steps to Clean and Maintain Your Security Roller Shutters

8 Easy Steps for Clean and Maintain Your Security Roller Shutters

It is obvious to get satisfied with the roller shutter installation as they are ideal to protect you from the outside noise, extreme weather and from the intruders and burglars. These security solutions offer the best fit for your entrance. These are nice and smooth but are they cleaned? Are they maintained and repaired properly?

If not, then you must pay attention to their care as your little care can add to their lives and make them function properly. Here are simple 8 steps of roller shutter repair, cleaning and maintain the roller shutter

Step 1

Wash your shutter with a soft cloth dipped in the mild soap solution and even you can use the thin haired brush. You can quarterly do this washing session to remove the dirt and grease particles from the shutter. If you are living in a coastal area then you can do washing on daily basis. For washing you must avoid using the vinegar, citrus-based or high pH level as these can damage the shutters.

Step 2

After applying the soap solution rinse the shutter properly with clean water and then dry it with a soft absorbent cloth.

Step 3

After drying you should apply car wax on in for additional shine and color enhancement. You can manually apply car wax or even can spray it but before applying you must ensure that corrosive deposits from the roller shutter surface are removed.

Step 4

In next step clean your shutter tracks as they need more frequent cleaning than the door. By using a brush you can clean the accumulated organic matter on the track and then lubricate it with silicone spray for the slippery finish and proper sliding.

Step 5

After cleaning the next step is to inspect the creatures that suddenly get caught up in the roller shutter opening or closing. If there are any small creatures then it is important to clean them otherwise can be the cause for hindrance in the functioning of the shutter.

Step 6

It is important to check the balancing of your shutter at least once a month. For this checking, you must call the licensed technician. Imbalance of the shutter may become a bigger problem for your shutter.

Step 7

Twice in a year lubrication of the bearing is important as it helps in smooth rolling up and down of the shutter. For lubrication of the bearing, initially remove the screw and hood cover and then reinstall it in the same position. Avoid using the silicone spray for lubrication.

Step 8

The last step for the maintenance is the checking of springs as these are very important for pulling down the shutter. If you detect any issue in pulling down the shutter or unnecessary heaviness then it is clear that it is an issue with the springs, and times to retention them.

All in all, above 8 steps are sufficient to do the primary cleaning and maintenance of the shutters otherwise you must call the professionals.

Avoid hinge open your shutter for a longer time

Shutters are hinged on the side to let it sit on the window and it has the same functioning of opening and shutting like a door with hinges. thus if you will keep your shutter hinge open then the force will get transferred to the joints and that can cause cracking and even your shutter could drop slowly so it is better to avoid hinge opening your shutter. Basically, shutters are like the frames that have complete stress on the four joints so little pressure on them can be the cause of any potential damage so it is advisable even by the best shutter repair company that does not hinge open your shutter for a longer time. You can hinge open you shutter but for some time like when you want to clean your window.

Don’t avoid its repairing

If any damaged occurred to your shutter then it is advisable not to ignore it as otherwise, it can be the cause of any bigger loss for you. Even your little ignorance can become the cause for shutter replacement.

All in all, your little look after can save your shutters and can add to their life so it is advisable to do maintenance and servicing of your security solutions on a regular basis so that you can have peace of mind at least for the security of your home through the windows.

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